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Grinding Gears: The Road to Hell
Chapter 3: The Road to Hell
Consuming. Overpowering. Life sapping.
It took him over, until his entire body was aching over the repeated word in his head.
Food. Food. Food. Food.
It was overwhelming. The constant pain in his body, specifically his stomach. The twisting knot of agony. The sickeningly empty void where a heavy feeling should be. At this point, he'd do anything for food. Perhaps he'd even speak, if he still had a voice after fifteen years of silence.
He wandered through the jungle, no longer caring about direction or his future. The only thing he thought about was food. Food and death. All plant life in the Jungles of Vectes was untrustworthy. Nothing could be eaten without the risk of dying. Which would happen anyway, since if he didn't find food, he'd starve. He was cornered. Cornered between one torturous death and another. How fitting. After all the pain and death he'd lived through and cause over the years, he was finally paying for his sins.
He w
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Lovely concept! I really like the detail you put in to this piece. The shading looks really cool, and is accurate. I especially like th...

I love the detail on Wheatly. You did a nice job with making him look like himself. Most have trouble with that. I also like the lighti...

Big Joe's expression is a little drastic. It looks like he is trying to take a big 'ol dump lol. You may want to make his eyes bigger a...


Haven't been on here much. Kinda worn down by the faggotry of this site. Figures I suppose. Artists, while sometimes the wisest, open-minded people of the world, can also be hateful, stubborn, disgusting assholes.

I joined here to share my art without having to physically speak to another human being, since I hate being the center of a conversation, but I don't think this was the right place to go. People here aren't the friendliest bunch, and my natural habit of being a total dick doesn't make them any friendlier.

So I don't think I'll post much anymore. I'll still come on here to look at other's art and fulfill my administrator duties, but other than that I'll be silent for the most part. Maybe I'll come back some time, but idk.

So goodbye, nobody reading this. I won't miss you.


Nate Sententia
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
You know that peice of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe? That's me.




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the sangheili artist.
I admire how you managed to remain calm under those circumstances.
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Well thank you, glad someone understands.
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